About Us
Babahu (full name Berry Oral Care (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd.) is a company specializing in oral health care. It has been deeply cultivated in the dental industry for decades. It has precipitated tens of thousands of children and adults with oral data and modern technology. Children and families bring professional oral care intelligent products, build "oral daily care - professional intelligent care - professional diagnosis and treatment" to build a healthy oral environment; let children fall in love with brushing, scientifically correct teeth brushing, reduce tooth decay. When used from a young age, it can make the teeth more tidy and reduce the "fangs" and "the sky." Let the adult thoroughly clean the gingival sulcus, the gaps in the teeth, the residue of the cavity, massage the gums to promote the blood circulation of the gums, reduce and prevent bleeding gums. 10-20 seconds to complete a full range of brushing, massage, whitening all-round movement, gentle care for sensitive teeth, use it to brush your teeth, equivalent to 12 sonic toothbrushes start at the same time.

We hope that our products and services can always follow the love, start from love, according to your love story, 3D scanning, to develop your and your family's exclusive!

The parent company Zhuhai Bairui Dental Medical Co., Ltd. was established in June 2008. In March 2016, the shareholding system was completely changed into a joint stock limited company. On August 1, 2016, it successfully passed the listing of the national small and medium enterprise stock transfer system. , became the "first share of the entire industry chain of China's dental industry."