Know more about babahu

Combined with modern technology, 

babahu aim to bring professional and intelligent oral care products to children and families.

babahu U-shape brush head

According to different size of dental arch, babahu offer 13 kinds of brush head, including 2-6 years old, 6-12 years old, above 12 years old, etc. Providing the most suitable level of comfort for you.

Implanted modified Bass technique

Brush your teeth in a right way without study

High temperature disinfection & Dishwasher safe

Intelligent real-time monitoring
Track and monitor child's oral health situation, effectively prevents tooth decay.
(Only for pro edition)

  • Intelligent monitoring

  • Bluetooth connection
babahu Product parameters
  • Brand Name: babahu
    Product Model:BBH-X1
  • Product Color: Children: Pink, Brown
    Adults: Pink, Dark Blue, White
    Applicable Group:Children, Adults
  • U-type Brush Head: Age 2-6/ 6-12/ above 12
    13 kinds of brush head
    Brush Head Material: Medical grade & edible silica gel
  • Battery Life:At least 30 days
    Battery Power:200 ma